Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prop 8

I know and love many people who are gay and when I first heard of prop 8 I didn't think I could support it. I would never support something that limited someones civil rights. But the more I read the more it makes me realize that both freedom of speech and religious beliefs are at risk.

Should Prop 8 fail, not only could many Churches lose their tax exempt status and possibly have to shut their doors but, adoption agencies, family owned businesses and many others may also be at risk should they refuse to services to gay couples. Take for instance the family owned photography business that was fined $6,600 because they refused to photgraph a gay ceremony due to religious beliefs ( ).

And, if you think about it, could this mean that there is also a real possibility that the LDS temples in California would have to be closed should someone choose to challenge the requirement set by the Church?

It hurts me to think that the ones I love may support something that will limit MY civil rights while theirs aren't at risk to begin with.

And, why is it that some feel the need to use offensive language? Is it as they say "A feeble mind trying to express itself?"

An article on NPR:

Ok I am done rambling.....................

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