Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Birthday!

Tara had another birthday (we will ignore the fact that did also) and is 17!

Tara decided she wanted to go to Red Robin for her birthday and that she wanted a tres leches cake (three milk cake). I can deal with that, no cooking or baking. I do not make tres leches cakes, at least not yet. I found a very nice cake at a local Mexican bakery with fruit and oreos on top, it was the perfect size for our little get together.

Dad, Amy, Lisha, Junior, Adam, Marie, Sebastian, Luis, Alma and Kristina all joined us at Red Robin.

The server did a great job of catering to all our needs and when it was time to sing Happy Birthday all the servers made a lot of noise, sang a song and did a perfect job of embarrassing Tara.

Dad and Amy gave her some pretty earrings and a matching ring, Lisha and Junior gave her a gift card to Target, Luis and Alma Gave her money and Adam and family did also. Adam put his own spin on the gift giving. He used a dinner napkin, drew pictures and wrote a message on the napkin and tucked the money in the napkin. He told Tara that he could spend $5 on a card or give her $5 more, she decided she liked the way he thinks. Adam of course pointed out that his card had the added bonus of being able to be used as toilet paper in an emergency, leave it to Adam.

Ryan gave her a gift card to Forever 21 with $21 dollars loaded on it and her boy friend Alex gave her a gift card to Forever 21 also, and a new pair of Adidas earlier in the week.

When I asked Tara what she wanted for her birthday she told me cash. Well, there is no way I was going to make it that easy. I knew she had been looking for "Parties and Potions" (the fourth book in a series she likes) and none of the local book stores had it in stock. I ordered it on Amazon and had it delivered to the office. When I went to the bank I asked them for 100 singles and went home and got to work. I put a single dollar bill between the pages about every two or three pages, ten singles in the cover page and rolled up the last five singles into a tube and then tied a small bow around them. I wrapped the book in a wide ribbon, had to keep it closed somehow, and tied a big bow. I tucked the five dollar roll under the big ribbon, put it all in a large Victoria's Secret box with loads of tissue paper to fill it and wrapped the box in one of Tara's favorite papers.

Tara was worried about opening my gift. She was afraid I would do something to make her cry (with joy) or would do something really embarrassing (like I would EVER do that ....hehehe). She carefully unwrapped the box and opened the lid. Now if you know anything about my daughter this next part will not surprise you in any way. She immediately sees the roll of bills and pulls it out and says "Oh Money!" and then there is a pause. Thirty seconds later she realized there was actually something else in the box and said 'and a book!' She took the book out to show everyone and didn't notice anything else. Lisha asked her what book it was because the ribbon was covering the title. As she goes to show Lisha the book, she sees the ten bills placed in the cover page of the book. Without untying the bow she pulls the bills out and says 'more money.' All of a sudden she notices that the book it actually fuller than it should be and unties the bow. As she turns to the middle of the book she starts to see all the money. Needless to say she thought I was crazy and asked how long it took me to do it. In the end she was very happy and had a great birthday.

Thank you everyone for making Tara's birthday so nice!

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is almost an adult. Love you honey!