Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thinking....see the smoke?

Recently I have been thinking I need to start a blog. In my usual fashion I start to consider what I would want the blog to be about or represent. Many ideas come to my mind and most of them just seemed to specific, labor intensive or just plain old boring. So I neatly, (the only neat thing in my life at the moment) tucked the ideas into the back of my mind and moved on with my hectic life.

I am the lucky Young Woman's leader who this month gets to present the value we have chosen to focus on. The value and corresponding color for the month is "knowledge" and green. I have spent some time wondering how I was going to present this to the Young Women this Sunday and make it a little less boring than going to the dentist and do it in just a few minutes. Oh and let us not forget the girls love treats. So I am wandering around Costco with Ryan yesterday and think to myself "You should really go look at the candy and other treats, maybe you will find something green to give the girls." As I peruse the isle I come across "Airhead" candy and the light goes on! Knowledge.....don't be an airhead.....oh my gosh this could work......woohoo.

I come home get things put away, stop the kids from eating the Airheads (there are 90 candies but I haven't figured out how I am going to work it out so no one can touch them) and start looking at my craft supplies. Now anyone who knows me, knows that my craft supplies go on and on and on, there really should be a 12 step program. Anyway, I get this idea to wrap the candy in card stock (decorated with one or more of my many rubber stamps), decorate it with a ribbon and attach the word knowledge with the little blurb from the personal progress book. I then find a font that matches the lettering on the candy and print "Don't be an" on the clear labels and stick them to the front of the candies, so it reads "Don't be an ... Airheads." Yes I know Airheads is plural but it is all I had to work with. And this is what I ended up with............

The tag on each of the treats read "Knowledge I will continually seek opportunities forlearing and for growth."

So there I am posting these pictures to a craft site I am part of and I think to myself "You need to start that blog," and here we are back at the beginning of the story. So I have decided to start the blog and have the subject be what hits my fancy the day I am posting, whether it is my crafts, others crafts that I think are an inspiration, the kids and their antics, recipe successes and failures, a book I am reading, church or just my gripes and complaints of the day.

So this how my mind works, or doesn't work depending on how you look at it, you never know when something will inspire me or how it will but it all seems to come together in a neat little mess when I am done :)

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