Thursday, September 25, 2008

The little things

I know I shouldn't be so happy about this but I am. Look at this......

Cold Stone now has YOGURT! Tart and light, it is a beautiful thing. I had it with raspberries and chocolate shavings and all can say is YUM! Don't get me wrong, I like ice cream, but lately I have become almost addicted to yogurt. And not the frozen yogurt that tastes almost like ice cream but that wonderfully tart variety. Soft serve is my favorite but when Cold Stone gives you a free birthday creation well, what can I say?

Also, I had a coupon for a free salad at McDonalds today. Free salad, free yogurt, life is good.

It is the little things that can make a difference in your day and sometimes that little thing it free salad and yogurt. Really makes me wonder though, if this is all it takes to perk up my day does that mean there is not much to my life or that my life is so good that the little things just give me that extra little jolt. Good life, good life, good life......

On anther note, the principal at Tara's school made a promise to the students last school year. He said that if if they brought up the test scores he would shave his head, well he kept his promise, follow the link:

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