Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tara was in the fall play at school. The theater was set up as a 'theater in the round'. The title of the play was "Yerma" about a woman who desperately wanted a child but her husband would not give her one. It was originally set in Spain about a 100 years ago, but the students decided they wanted to make a statement about the treatment of women in the Middle East in current times so the location was changed. I am not a huge fan of this play and felt that the location change may not have been wise, especially because the characters still referred to the Arroyo and had Latin names just to name a few of the things that bothered me. My father has decided that anytime he sees a bad movie he will now to refer to it as a "Yerma", although he thought Tara did her part well.

In spite of the problems the play had (some of the actors could not sing) they did their best. I being the UNBIASED parent (cough) I think Tara was one of the best (she can sing and act). Like I said.....totally, completely unbiased.

Tara hated this play and hated her costume. I told her she looked beautiful, in fact she should wear the costume everyday so she is covered up properly. Tara disagrees.

Here are a few pictures from the play.

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