Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year we all got together at my Dad's on Christmas Eve. Amy made a wonderful dinner and thankfully shared her salad and dressing recipe with me.

Adam and Marie decided that they were giving their Christmas away this year. They told Sebastian he would get one gift worth $50 or less. At first I am sure he was not thrilled with the idea but he seemed to really enjoy the experience. They adopted a family for Christmas (Marie's uncle, his wife and 13 year old son). This family struggles more than most and really do their best to provide for their son. They only have the bus for transportation and from what I understand no luxuries at home.

Saturday before Christmas Adam, Marie and Sebastian all volunteered at a food bank for the whole day. When they were done the people who ran the food bank gave them about 10 bags of food. They took it directly to this family and spent some time with them. Sebastian noticed that the son didn't have any video games (and that is a tragedy to some) and he wanted to do something for him. Monday before Christmas they delivered Christmas to the family and invited them to join us for Christmas Eve dinner. They have no other family locally and typically spent holidays alone.

I asked Adam if we should get a gift for the son but he said not to worry about it that they had taken care of everything. I had made my usual spread of goodies and prepared a gift package of these goodies for this family just like the I do for the rest of the my family.

During our gift exchange the son was given a gift and when he opened it he was PSP games. He is such a nice kid. He thanked everyone and got up and gave hugs while looking a little shocked to get a gift at all, after all they had already received gifts earlier in the week. Adam asked him if he had a PSP and when the boy said no Adam told him he was really sorry and that he would make sure he was able to exchange it for something else he really wanted. The boy said it was okay, he liked his gift. Then the second came around and once again a PSP game and movie! The boy again thanked everyone and told Adam not to worry about it. The final gift of the night turned out to be for this boy. At this point all of us who know Adam well knew what was about to happen. The boy opened a box and and when Nathan asked him what it was he said 'a Disney box'. The kids asked him what was inside. He opened the box and quietly said 'cords' and then dug deeper and found a PSP (with a case). The boy was speechless and about to cry. It was so wonderful to see someone so incredibly grateful. I am happy my children were able to see this and participate. I think they all learned a good lesson. Here is the secret to it all. That PSP as well as all the games were Sebastian's. He takes VERY good care of his things and they were like new. AND it was his idea. HE wanted to give this to the boy. I am very proud of my nephew. Adam, Marie and Sebastian did a wonderful thing.

Ryan had to work but joined us at the end of the night. All the kids (and Adam) played Rock Bank for about an hour and a half before we all headed home.

The Christmas spirit was felt by all.

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