Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cherry Browned Butter Bars

So those of you who know me well understand my need, yes I said need, to try new recipes. I love to try different things and my children, as well as the rest of the family, are always good about humoring me. Recently the smitten kitchen posted a recipe for Cherry Browned Butter bars and I knew immediately I had to do something with it.

On Friday I set out to pit the cherries and discovered, once again, that I don't own a pitter. How is it I can't seem to remember to get one? Me, the queen of the kitchen (I only hold that title in my demented mind), doesn't own a cherry pitter? It just doesn't seem right. Oh well, so I get to work with a paring knife and and meat thermometer. After pitting two pounds of cherries I am ready to get to work. I make the crust and discover I have forgotten to buy more parchment paper....aaagghh, foil it is then, and bake it to a nice golden color.
(Please excuse the pictures, the teenagers ran down the battery in my camera and I had to use my phone)
From Goodies

After the crust has cooled I carefully lined up the cherries. The kids had a great time teasing me about this. I, of course, wanted the cherries lined up in perfectly straight rows. Note to self; cherries are round and therefore will roll. I rolled, straightened and nudged (as the kids laughed and teased me) and finally decided that it was as straight as I was going to get without nailing the cherries down.

Now the filling. I cook the butter to a beautiful nutty color (Nathan was amazed to learn that butter browns) and mix together the rest of the ingredients. I CAREFULLY pour the filling over the cherries as Ryan says "Hey mom, that cherry moved," and "watch out they are rolling." Needless to say I then convinced most of the cherries that moved to behave and got them back in to place. All ready to go in the oven!
Ignore the cherries that disobeyed and got out of line. :)
From Goodies

So the house starts to smell really good and after 40 minutes I pull my prize from the oven. After allowing it to cool I cut it into squares ready to be eaten by the masses.
From Goodies
From Goodies
They are a hit!

I doubled the recipe found here and made it in my 10 x 15 Pyrex pan.

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