Tuesday, December 2, 2008


In the past years, for most of my children's lives, we have spent Thanksgiving at my parents home. This year we decided to try something different and stayed home.

I prepared the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, and stuffing as well as asparagus, rolls and a vegetable tray. Tara helped me make a chocolate pecan pie, the yams, stuffing, asparagus and the turkey. She has decided that preparing the turkey is "gross." But, in the end she was very proud of the results.

Monte joined us and everyone enjoyed dinner.

We had a quiet day and enjoyed relaxing and spending time together. We missed seeing the rest of the family but also appreciated being able to work together, relax, watch movies and talk.

I am thankful for my wonderful children. They each have a caring heart and although they try to hide it most of the time, would do anything for each other. I am blessed with a supportive family and I appreciate their understanding our need to stay home this year.

Saturday we went to see "A Christmas Carol" at the Glendale Centre Theater. As usual it was very well done and we all enjoyed it.

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