Birthdays, they can be full of joy and pain. So many people dread having them but really isn't it better than the alternative?

As children we look forward to each birthday. If there is a party or the family comes over we can hardly wait to tear into the gifts. Cake, ice cream, friends and family all take a distant second to the mystery of what is in those packages.

As we get older birthdays become less and less important until most of the time they just seem like just another day. I don't think about my birthday very often but am always pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they end up being. My family and friends are always so good to me. It doesn't take much but I appreciate all they do and I have to admit it is nice having people do things for you sometimes.

Sunday Tara came to me as I was cleaning the kitchen. Here is how the conversation went:

Tara: "Mom, do you know what this Saturday is?"

Me: "It is your birthday. Did you think I could forget?"

Tara: "No, I forgot and Jackie just reminded me"

Me: "Well more importantly, do you know what Thursday is?"

Tara: "Your birthday!"

Me: "Glad to know you remember the important days" (smile)

So today is that important day. The kids were excited to give me my gift. They came out of the bedroom this morning singing "Happy Birthday," all three to a different tune. They wanted me to open the gift and card from Dad and Amy first because "we don't know what it is." (My kids, curiosity always gets to them.) Dad and Amy gave me some very nice earrings.

The kids then gave me their gift. Prismacolor markers! They are so smart, they know that craft supplies is always a good thing for Mom.

Friends were very generous and gave me some very nice things, I can't wait to have some time to play with my new toys :)

My sister made me cry, in a good way, by sending me flowers and a nice message, so all in all today has been a wonderful day.

I am lucky to have so many people who love and care about me. There are times I wonder what I have done to deserve all of this.......and then other times.....well I do have teenagers. :)


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